Spiritual Illnesses

By Dra. Judith Huerta de Campos

Spiritual Illnesses

What are these spiritual diseases or what do you call spiritual diseases?

Just as your physical body in this physical world gets sick. So also our energetic body gets sick. God gave our body some energy centers, which are the organs of the soul. When we are inside the body, those energetic organs communicate with our organs, but when we leave the body, the chakras leave with us.

When we are in the mother’s womb we do not have only one umbilical cord, we have two, one that connects us directly with our mother, and that is cut at the moment of birth. But, God is not going to send his creation disconnected with him.

We are connected by an energetic cord, which is called the silver cord and through that cord, God sends the energetic fl ow, which will attach to the heart to give it a heartbeat.

In times past, God allowed thousands of people to be declared clinically dead, but they were given cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers and they came back. And they had entered their body again.


Spiritual-scientific studies establish that death is a moving, we leave this physical world to the celestial world. I say that death is the return trip to our true home, where we are all going and from where we have all come. There are people that when they leave their body, they do not realize that they are already dead and are left wandering in a dimension called limbo, being beings that need light.

Intrinsic spiritual diseases are those that occur because the aura is broken and spirits that are in limbo enter and people say: I feel that they are looking at me, I feel that someone is with me, my child does not want to sleep because he says that there is someone in the room, and that is a spiritual disease.

Dr., tell us about your book “Your Soul Needs You“.
It is an autobiographical book, I narrate how I got to this point where I am, through spiritual experiences, family experiences. I talk about how God, so that I could do this, sent me my soul mate and four wonderful children, and I talk about the experiences I have had with many patients, to treat them and for people to understand that death does not exist. That there is a life experience after we get out and that sometimes we, we have our relatives living a terrible experience, instead of helping them to go into the tunnel of light.

Dra. Judith Huerta de Campos
Autora. “Tu alma te necesita”
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