Step by Step

Rev. Jorge R. Cotto


Taking advantage of the change in the calendar to carry out a self-examination has become a very common practice in our culture. The closing of a year and the beginning of a new one seems to be the perfect time to make changes and adjustments that generate health, strength, energy and vitality. It is also an opportunity to start projects and embark on the path towards new goals and dreams.

The truth is that although the intention to improve, grow and conquer new territories is good, we soon discover that the path is complex and complicated. If you consider that the journey ahead of you in this new year is difficult and arduous, pay attention to the following story.

Once, a clock, hanging on a wall, thought of the seconds it had to travel to make a minute; in the weeks of a month and in the months of a year. When he found out that he needed a total of 31,556,952 to complete a year, he said to himself: “Poor me, I won’t be able to complete the year. It’s a lot of seconds.”

It seemed to him a mountain too high to climb. But then he heard the voice of the pendulum that told him with a firm and determined accent Tick tock, tick tock. You are very bad. We will never get anywhere unless we take a step now and another step later.

Hearing these words, the clock came to its senses and went on unconcerned, counting down seconds, minutes, and hours, and accumulating days, weeks, and months until the year was complete. At last, in the silence of the night, he heard again the voice of the pendulum telling him: Step by step, with patience and perseverance, you can climb the highest mountain”.

How much wisdom is in this story. Much is achieved in life when you go step by step with a lot of patience and perseverance. If you have already decided what you want to achieve in the next twelve months, it is time to start the march with firmness and determination. Not in a hurry but one day at a time and step by step.

A long path is made step by step, a tall palm tree grows step by step, and step by step a river reaches the ocean.

Step by step the great cathedrals were built; step by step a few books form a library.

Step by step the baby becomes a child, the child becomes an adolescent and the adolescent becomes an adult man.

Step by step the seed becomes a plant and the waves turn the hard rock into fine sand.

As you can see, the most important projects in life are built step by step with patience and perseverance. Every day God gives you a new opportunity to take another step in the care of your health and in the construction of your projects. This year is no exception.

Build in this new season. Step by step, day by day, second by second. With the God of life by your side you will win. Because it is written…..if God is for us, who can be against you. Romans 8.31.

Happy new year 2022.

Rev. Jorge R. Cotto is an ordained minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Florida. Currently he serves as pastor of Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Coral Gables, Florida.

Rev. Jorge R. Cotto



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