Taking care of yourself from childhood

Preventive Oral health makes the difference

By: María Gabriela Gómez S.

There are people who think that mouth care starts with your first set of teeth appears. The truth is that since the very first day of birth, it is necessary to take some preventative actions to avoid invasive treatments in children. “Cavities are a multifactorial problem, it can have a genetic root and will depend on the time food remains in your mouth, mouth care, and cleanliness aside from the type of food you eat”, explains Nataly Lombana, Pediatric Dentist.

Preventive Methods

There are children who present blackened teeth, this condition was known as “baby bottle cavities”, now it is called “Early Childhood Cavities”, therefore specialists emphasize in prevention, starting since the baby is only being breastfed.


It is a healing treatment that involves the partial removal of the dental pulp and it´s very common in infants. This treatment is applied when we have extensive cavities reaching the dental pulp (nerves and arteries), here is when pain and infections starts to appear. Lombana explains: “This implicates the removal of the infected tissue by cavities and the application of medication; this is also deeply cleaned and cotton with medicine is put in place to then seal off the area, afterwards we can rebuild the damaged teeth with a chrome-steel crown”.

In Venezuela resin is used more frequently. Lombana emphasizes how important is to prevent reaching this point. “The procedure requires anesthesia, when the cavities are deep into the tooth, it may cause the extraction of the dental piece, producing loss of dental space, bad teeth positioning, delay on dental appearance and even affects the permanent teeth formation”.

Source: Dra Nataly Lombana

Latin American University of Mexico, pediatric dentistry specialist.

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