The History of Alkaline Water

The History of Alkaline Water

As a water expert, he was happy once he found the secret of longevity and the health of the inhabitants of Hunza. The people of Hunza believed the reason was the water from which they drank copiously. In the early fifties the Japanese developed the first Alkaline Water Ionizer.

Initially experiments were done on plants and animals; however, the biggest development was in 1954, when Japanese Agricultural Universities began studying the effects of Ionized Acid Water in different varieties of plants where they observed amazing results.

The favorable results observed on the animals drinking the ionized water led Japanese doctors to finally conduct formal research and obtain conclusive data to confirm their initial observations, which finally proved,

“This water was suitable for human consumption.” In addition, it had positive effects on eradicating certain pathologies. The first commercial ionized alkaline water plant was established in 1958. At the beginning, usage was monumental and in hospital settings. In 1960, a group of Japanese doctors and agricultural research scientists founded a multidisciplinary group to generate an Ionized Water Research Center. This group held Annual Conventions to report results of their studies.

Scholars have found the problem in Western nations is that water quality is quite poor, due to all the pollutants it contains and their potential to cause serious health issues. After the pandemic disease of the Coronavirus, primarily in the USA, the population became more aware of the advantages of Alkaline Ionized Water.

Today we find alkaline water in all the supermarkets and shops where bottled water is available. Even though this kind of water is more expensive, it paradoxically is the one that runs out of inventory faster. These consumers also agree alkaline water has a much richer and milder flavor than any other type of water. Being able to have water without any contaminants and with a degree of alkalinity, is better than any bottled water. The good news is, thanks to technical and scientific advances, the water that the Hunzas drink in the Himalayas may be availabe in your home today. As part of the health and comfort program, we are conducting community and water quality screenings in Florida. This program offers FREE water analysis without any COST & COMMITMENT.

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