The Million-dollar question: how to lose fat?

By: Ernesto Avendaño, LDN – Nutricionista – Dietista

The million-dollar question: how to lose fat?

They constantly ask me, “why can’t I lower my fat percentage?”. This has become a big problem thanks to bad eating habits.

There are no magic products that make us lose fat. “Fat burners”, “pills to not absorb fat”, “saunas”, “thermal suits”, none of this works, losing fat is not about that.

Let’s understand that burning (oxidizing) fat is using our own fat as an energy source. Based on that, I will tell you how to achieve it.

  1. Eat real food: this should be the base, Do not eat food that is not food, for example, avoid everything that when you see its ingredients, it has endless names that can hardly be pronounced. Eliminate sugar, syrups, honeys, fruit juices, artificial sweeteners such as: aspartame, sucralose, maltodextrin, erythritol, maltitol etc. All these sweeteners with or without calories, except for Stevia and monk fruit, increase the production of insulin, a hormone that helps us store fat. If we want to lose fat it is very important to keep this hormone under control.
  2. Have a good supply of protein: meeting your protein requirements is very important because if you have a lot of fat tissue stored, your body would be unable to make what it needs and that can lead to loose skin. The recommended amount for a sedentary person would be 1g of protein per kg of weight.
  3. Include healthy fats: some of them are coconut and olive oil, avocado, seeds, egg, salmon, olives, etc. Fats are the macronutrient that least stimulates insulin and as I mentioned above, insulin must be controlled so that it is not making fat.
  4. Consume carbohydrates from a good source: the term carbohydrate is very broad, but in this case, I refer to: fruits, vegetables, tubers, and whole grains. Choosing a carbohydrate source is important when we want to lose fat. It is necessary to increase the consumption of vegetable origin carbohydrates, such as a good salad.
  5. Watch the number of meals: this will favor insulin, the hormone that I have talked about so much, is within its recommended range.
  6. Include movement: exercise is essential. It is highly recommended to lift weights, recovering muscle mass makes us oxidize fat more easily and if we do the previous steps, insulin will be much more regulated, and this will allow you to use your fat as an energy source.
  7. Learn to manage stress: excess stress increases cortisol production, this will stimulate insulin and therefore we will save fat. To regulate stress we can meditate, learn to breathe, among others things.

Losing fat is teaching the body how to use its own fat as an energy source.

Ernesto Avendaño, LDN

Nutricionista – Dietista – Americam Society for nutrition member

Miami, florida Instagram: @nutritrending

8180 NW 36TH ST. – SUITE 321 DORAL, FL 33166

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