The Physician of Relevance that Gives Light in Miami

Interview to Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe

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Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe: The Physician of Relevance that Gives Light in Miami.

On this occasion we spoke with Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe, Family Physician of Great Relevance and recognition in the city of Miami

It is a pleasure to give you this interview. I think there is a movement and things happen for a reason. We are here for something. I think the important thing is to communicate. Not to keep this information but to share it.

How did this vocation to be a doctor come about?

I was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1969. I am the grandson and son of two of the most prominent doctors in Cuba. My grandfather started in the art of medicine in the days when the streets were lit with gas candles. I was able to grow up with the moral and philosophical teachings of a heritage of medicine. I graduated with honors from the university. I graduated in 3 different countries, and worked in the main hospitals. I was awarded the number one primary care physician for the state of Florida.

Dr. Felipe is an active physician who practices modern medicine. He has been the medical director of multiple successful health centers and is now the founder and president of the Félix Varela Medical Centers and a member and founder of the Varela Foundation, which is an advocate for all families who seek freedom and the right to happiness in The United States of America.

Trained at the Faculty of Medicine of the International University of the Americas School of Medicine and Surgery, Graduated in 2000.

How did this medical center so full of light come about?

This Félix Varela Medical Center has a history. It began with only 12 patients. Today it is really big. It is growing greatly and everything came from the idea of ​​restoring something that had been lost and rescuing what needed to be rescued, because this was born in the heart, in the way it was given to me.

Felix Varela Medical Clinic, Inc is a primary care provider based in Hialeah, Florida, specializing in family medicine. Felix Varela Medical Clinic, Inc operates as a single specialty business group with one or more individual providers practicing the same area of ​​expertise.

A Primary Care Provider (PCP) like Felix Varela Medical Clinic, Inc. cares for people with common medical problems. Your primary care provider could be a doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or clinic who are generally involved in your long-term care. A PCP could provide preventive care, treat common medical conditions, identify urgent medical problems, and refer you to specialists when needed. Primary care is usually provided in an outpatient setting, but if you are admitted to a hospital, your PCP can assist in your care. The most common medical conditions seen by primary care providers are: hypertension, upper respiratory infection, depression or anxiety, back pain, arthritis, dermatitis, diabetes, urinary tract infections, etc.

What is your specialty? What has been your greatest connection with your patients?

The specialty I chose was Family Medicine. I had the opportunity at the University of Florida to choose between different specialties, but what the clinic is and what it is to directly care for the patient always caught my attention. Family medicine is the medical specialty that deals with total health care of the individual and their family. It is the specialty in breadth that integrates the biological, clinical and behavioral sciences. The scope of family medicine is not limited by age, sex, organ system or disease entity. You know that a radiologist sees the plates that are interpreted in a dark room and that is excellent, but I cannot live without the patient. I like that human contact. So, when I chose Family Medicine at the University of Florida, it was something great because it gave me the opportunity to rotate through all specialties like every american family doctor does, who after finishing general medicine, rotates in cardiology, otorhinolaryngology, pediatrics and is prepared to work in the country towns of the United States.

And I liked that a lot because I grasp the experience as no other doctor has in all health fields. And being here, coming to Miami to this metropolis, I can really use this specialty skillfully and with a great instrument due to the difficulties that medicine is facing today and how difficult it is sometimes to integrate the system of medicine.

What message would you give to the community? How can we prevent a pandemic that reaches the same level as COVID-19?

First and foremost, have faith and look for the real word, because there is the information that heals and prevents. At the beginning of the pandemic, in January 2020, I could have been the first doctor in the United States who said this was going to become a pandemic, before anyone else in the world. How did I do it? Based on education. And when I said it, many people didn’t believe it. It was terrible.

Then, they began to realize that I spoke with my heart and that I was risking my reputation when I said “be careful, a pandemic is coming”. But God put that in my heart, strongly, experiences in my life. I believe the education that was given by the radio helped change the course of the pandemic in the State of Florida and I am 100% sure that one of the reasons that the State of Florida came through, first than other parts of the world, was because of the great education that was given in radio and television.

Interview Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe

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