The stone of alumbre

The natural deodorant why many women are opting

By: Laura Simenta

Zero waste products are those that avoid polluting the environment by not producing waste, and many of them are healthy and do not represent a risk to health. These characteristics are highly valued by people who are trying to make a change in favor of the planet.

One of the products that some women are choosing is the alum stone, a natural deodorant that has no perfume, alcohol, or other chemicals that could be toxic to the skin, so it does not cause stains or irritation.

This mineral is composed of salt and potassium sulfate, essential nutrient for the growth of plants, and can be found naturally or synthetically. The natural stone is rough and semitransparent surface, while the synthetic is smooth and white. It should be mentioned that none of the presentations is antiperspirant, but prolonged use can significantly reduce sweating.

Among the benefits that this rock gives, it can be said that it is easy to use since it only gets wet and rubs on clean and dry skin, helps to remove the skin, is ideal for all people because it is hypoallergenic, it is cheap, a Only stone can last more than a year, its astringent quality helps to heal small cuts and scrapes, reduces irritation and calms the burning caused by the bite of insects.



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