“To Infinity and Beyond”

Interview to Jackie Espinosa

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To Infinity and Beyond

On October 29th, 2021, I received the worst news any mother could receive. My son Justin was in a fatal hit & run while jogging.I was immediately riddled with grief. The unthinkable had occurred and I found myself completely broken.

The following day while in the shower I felt this inconsolable sorrow. In agony, I began to pray for the Lord to take the pain away and I heard the Lord tell me that he sent Jesus to this Earth to die for our sins. That my son’s death was not going to be in vain. I knew at this moment that God was working everything for good. That my son Justin, had fulfilled the purpose God had for his life. In 17 years, he completed what many take a lifetime to do. God began working in me and I became inundated with HIS love. My feelings of resentment and condemnation began to transition to conviction and hope. What I couldn’t understand before now had become clear. I felt convicted to carry on what Justin started.  You see we cry because it is difficult to see the other side of heaven, but I know with all my heart that Justin is not crying. He is walking through streets of gold looking down at us with a great big smile. I know this because Justin had accepted the gift of eternal life when he accepted the Lord into his heart.

I find comfort in knowing that Justin is in Heaven waiting for us and that we WILL see him again. I can share my story because I have experienced God’s Grace in my life. Grace is receiving something that you don’t deserve. It is a daily dose of supernatural power to overcome.I believe that it is because of God’s grace that I am filled with a peace that surpasses all understanding.

As a child Justin met all his milestones way ahead of time. He was full of energy, fearless, and a climber. To this day if you could not find Justin at eye level just look up. That was him, always wanting to view the world from the top. He was strong willed and extremely bright. He excelled academically and was loving.  He made people laugh and had a smile that could light up an entire room. To this day Justin’s favorite movie was Toy Story 1,2, 3 and 4.  He was in the Chorus Academy at Robert Morgan and played Varsity Football at South Ridge High School. Justin was also an employee at Panera Bread. He was in his Senior year of high school deciding whether he would join the Airforce or attend a university and pursue a degree.

Life is hard and filled with choices to make. We have no control over what happens what we can control is our reaction. I could either travel down the path of healing or the path of depression. Both paths are hard, but I choose to travel the path of healing. It’s also ok to grieve. We grieve forever because we love forever. I have a 10-year-old son and a 7-year-old daughter who need their mom more than ever and a life to continue living filled with memories to make.

A piece of my heart now lives in heaven.I am so proud of the young man he became.He touched so many lives and made an enormous impact in such a short time.I will forever hold on to the many memories we made together. One day my faith and unconditional love will bring us back together.

Jackie Espinosa


Justin’s Celebration of Life

Go Fund me link  Justin’s Celebration of Life

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