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Sometimes my eyes blur, why?

By: Redacción Saber Vivir

You may suddenly have blurred vision when you get out of bed in the morning. However, the following question arise: Is it a simple dizziness or are these symptoms due to something more serious? Sight allows us to perceive what is in our surroundings. It makes sense to worry when, for some reason, we suffer a sudden upset that does not allow us to see our surroundings clearly.

After sleeping through the night, many people tend to wake up with blurred vision. This is probably due to the fact that he or she has fallen asleep in a position in which the optic nerve has somehow been compressed. After a few minutes, the vision is restored normally. If it occurs when getting up quickly from the couch or a chair, you have the so-called orthostatic hypotension. In other words, it is a sudden drop in tension. When the tension is normalized, the vision recovers.

However, there are other situations where blurred vision or sudden loss may be due to more serious causes.
Serious ailments that can cause blurred vision Hypertension not detected.
When there is too high a blood pressure, small blood vessels inside the eye may break causing a change in vision.

Disorder in an artery

Temporal arteritis is common in menopausal women and involves inflammation of the artery passing through the temple. Black spots can appear in one eye and blurred vision. Double vision, headache, loss of strength when chewing and nausea can also occur.


This disease can affect the sight causing, in some occasions, blurred or double vision, dark spots, lights like flashes and pain in the eyes. Multiple sclerosis. Although it is a neurological disease whose basic symptoms are muscle weakness and lack of balance, it can also affect the sight, causing it to be blurred or distorted, especially in the red and green colors.



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