Wellness influencer Karo Del Rio

Karo Del Rio Influencer Wellness influencer

I am Caro Del Rio, a catwalk model, photography, music videos and commercials, I am an influencer of well-being, promoting people to improve their habits in many aspects of life, for this reason I have an instagram page called @krodelriotips, where you can find motivation to spend a little more time exercising and eating healthier food.

I am an influencer of spirituality, for this reason I have the page @krodelrioquotes, where you will find paths for self-knowledge; from there everything starts, allowing you to be yourself, on this page I write, publish and speak in front of the camera what I feel from my heart.

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of working from the inside to outside. It is so important to start reading what we like, listening to podcasts that nourish our soul and spirit, connecting with solitude, silence, listening to ourselves and being able to know from the heart what we like, what we want and which our purpose is.

When we begin to connect all our actions to that purpose that moves our fibers, everything begins to become more sense, we are filled with more strength, patience, and resilience.


Remember that we are all different, so it is not worth copying anyone, it is as simple as understanding that we are instruments of divinity, and that if we learn to listen toour hearts, we can connect with those beings that are so authentic and genuine. that we are by nature, but that many times we are afraid to show society because of being judged or rejected.

The important thing is quality, not quantity, so if in this process many people distance themselves from you, don't feel bad or guilty, each person has their own process and is totally respectable.

Have the courage to go for your dreams, that it is truly success when you are loyal and true to yourself, not following the path that others believe is the best for you, but having the courage to go for what gives sense and purpose in your passage through this earthly plane.

I, for example, love to model. In my instagram account @krodelrio, you can see all the love and passion that I put into what I do, therefore, I can inspire other people to do what makes them happy.

Being a happy person is very important, everyone wants to be around positive and happy people. I love fashion and a good style to wear, so I sell Colombian clothes and shoes in several countries, you can find this at @krodelrioshop; and thus, I am
connecting everything that I like in my purpose.

I hope you like this recipe, it works for me and I like it, it makes me feel full, empowered, inspired, it helps me to vibrate high and attract what I need to develop and materialize the ideas that come from the heart, which are the ones that really connect you with your being.

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