Who is

Ingrid Macher?

“I am a woman committed to God, my family, and the people who follow me.”

Who is

Ingrid Macher?

“I am a woman committed to God, my family, and the people who follow me.”

Ingrid Macher’s story is of a resilient woman who achieved her dreams, was brought back to life in an emergency room, faced a divorce, and overcame challenges as an immigrant.

She is one of the most followed influencers on social media, known as @Adelgaza20Her account is synonymous with wellness, perseverance, and sporting a fantastic figure, thanks to her commitment to lead a healthy life.

The famous coach, nutrition expert, fitness contest champion, author of several books, and coach and creator of weight loss programs, grew up in a traditional Colombian family.

At 19, Ingrid immigrated from Bogotá to Puerto Rico, where she got married and began her career in social communication and advertising at the University of the Sacred Heart. Shortly after in Santurce, she graduated with honors, got a divorce and became the sole caregiver of her first daughter, Paula.

Years later, she decided to start a new life and traveled to Miami in search of the American dream. For seven years, she endured as not only a single mother but as an immigrant, going through the many struggles in this country. She began to lose her dream of becoming a reporter and actress; instead she had to focus on performing different jobs far from her dreams in order to keep her family afloat.

Traumatic experience

In 2004, her story changed when she met her second husband, Jeff Macher. Soon after their unexpected meeting in a building elevator, they fell in love and got married.

“In my house, I learned all about ‘fried food culture, fried rice, chips, platanitos, eggs and very seldom did I ever eat salads.” In her new marriage, and living in Las Vegas, Ingrid forgot about diets and dedicated herself to living in the honeymoon stage until the day she realized that she was over 50 pounds overweight.

Focused on love and the achievement of her goals, Ingrid began to live a life full of extravagances along with terrible habits that resulted in her health beginning to deteriorate. One Christmas night, seven months pregnant, she suffered an asthma attack. “I left for a few seconds and had to be resuscitated by doctors in an emergency room.”

In 2008, the economic crisis devastated the economy. She had to start from scratch and return to Florida with her husband. It was then, when she began to change her life.

Healthy life

Feeling sick, one morning, she promised herself to lose weight in 90 days, with the sole purpose of regaining her health. She discovered that most of her problems were mental; she had to focus and fall in love with herself.

In that mission, she decided to dedicate her life to God; this way she found the right motivation and dedicated herself to transforming her exterior and interior.

After trying out every diet she found, taking slimming pills, and doing therapies and massages, she started a blog where she shared her progress. Now, there she teaches women around the world to heal physically, internally, and spiritually.

Surprising diagnosis

When she was at the peak of her career, she had to face a hard battle against cancer. “That made me understand that I had to restructure my life; its arrival was unexpected. I just thought I was living in a horror story.”

During this time, she embraced herself to her faith, praying, and healthy eating. She decided to follow the recommendations of some of her friends and start treatment without surgeries or medications with a doctor in Orlando through alternative medicine.

Despite the diagnosis, Ingrid Macher did not stop her projects and launched her book “Irresistible and Healthy.”

A year and a half later, after having managed to overcome cancer, a mass in one of her breasts appeared again in her body. On this occasion, the renowned social media guru made a difficult decision, getting a double mastectomy.

“After the surgery, I feel well physically and emotionally. I thank God for being with me. Even though there have been hard days, this experience has taught me to get up amid adversity.”

This fighter has an online company that produces nutritional content for women, today it has more than 70 million visits per week.

She is the founder of Adelgaza20.com, a columnist and a bodybuilding champion. In addition, she is the author of the books “To the Rescue for Your New Self,” “Kick-Start the New You,” “Get the Juice from Your Life,” and “To the Fescue for Your New You and the Extended Version.”

She also has a YouTube channel and is the creator of the digital classes to lose weight, “Burning and Enjoying” and “Ultimate Power Fit.”

Who is Ingrid Macher today?

I am a woman committed to God, to my family, to what I do through social media, and to the people who follow me.

Today, I am a woman eager to work on the purpose that God has for my life, and I open to new opportunities. Beyond teaching nutrition, I would also like to become a vehicle for other women to work on building their own goals, with the mindset that together, we can contribute to build a better society.

What recommendation would you give to those women who have maintained a healthy lifestyle and are going through a similar situation?

Well, I want to remind you that not everything is necessarily in our food or in working out more.

There are many situations in our lives that mark us emotionally from a young age. We must work to solve these internal problems because these feelings can lead us into cancer, diabetes, severe obesity, heart attacks and more.

Even a severe stress problem can cost us our lives. For the women reading this article my call to you is to work on these critical areas of your life, which I call the 4 F’s:

The F of the Family: Maintain a good relationship with those around you.  

The F of Finance: Maintain excellent financial stability.

The Fitness F: Maintain proper nutrition and fitness level, and

The F of FAITH: Practice spirituality to get closer to God. 

Have you always maintained a fitness lifestyle?

All the people who don’t know me think that I was always a fit woman, but what people don’t know is that I am a Colombian woman who was taught that you had to eat all the food on your plate and that throwing away food was a sin.

I have not always been a fit woman. However, today I can say that I was able to change my past culture and break away from those traditions that did not lead me to anything good.

You have gone through a complicated situation, but you look stunning… What is the secret?

For me, the secret has always been to give glory to God, to walk obediently with Him, and to take care of the temple of the Holy Spirit (our body) as the Bible commands. Without His temple, we cannot live.

Your books are full of healthy living themes. If we follow your advice, can we look like Ingrid Macher?

Each book has been incredible, they all have different stages that fit together. They are like chains that are continuing to connect, if you practice them, read them and recognize the valuable information in them, of course, you can become an Ingrid Macher

From chubby to Mamacita, this had a positive impact on your followers. What other tips can you give us to achieve success?

These are vital things you need to follow to keep your body in shape:

1.  Detox yourself every 3 months: We must take a week to remove all toxins, caffeine, animal proteins, and processed foods to give our body a rest.

2. Doing intermittent fasting is great, it leaves the body with rest periods that make insulin levels drop.

3. Have a positive mind. The mind is extremely essential in the process of losing weight and even in reversing a disease because if you have the mindset of being sick and dying, then you will worsen.

4. Finally, never forget two vital things, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep.

What feeling do you want to invoke in your readers?

That people identify with my story, which is the same as thousands of women out there. Women who have had to deal with being overweight, being ill, physical, mental, psychological, sexual abuse, feeling alone, being an immigrant, and being a single mother.

What can you tell us about the products your brand offers?

They are a gift from God. I was at a conference in Los Angeles when a Doctor arrived with the protein powder, our first product. He brought it, with the label, with my photo, and he said: “I want to give you this product.”

These medically formulated products have been on the market for 30 years and I would be the only non-doctor who would have them. I understood that God wanted to use my voice and my influence to bring health to people.

That is why today, we have a line of more than 20 products that are made to better people’s nutrition, reduce inflammation, and relieve digestion issues. They are also meant to provide women with solutions for their intestine, colon, liver, detoxification, and acceleration of their metabolism, among many other things.







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