7 makeup tips that your stylist does not want you to know

By: Gabriela Ribeiro

Make-up artists are the skin coloring artists. The truth, they achieve with their techniques. However, there are some tricks that you do not want to share with anyone. We will share some tricks to perfect your makeup, as well as to ensure its duration and extend the useful life of tools and paints.

1. How to prepare an astringent mixture at home?

A little olive oil and mix it with two tablespoons of sugar and a little grape essential oil. Take the preparation and massage the face and body for a few minutes. Then, rinse with a little water. You will see that your skin will be much better.

2. How to darken the makeup base?

You can darken your makeup base without buying a new one. Simply mix the base with a little bronzer. Thus, you will save on beauty products.

3. Use powder in moderation

The powder or talcum powder for makeup is great to seal the pores and give a proper finish to our face. However, you should not abuse it. Use little, and only when strictly necessary.

4. Keep the lips moisturized

For provocative lips, mix olive oil, vanilla extract and a little brown sugar. Spread the mixture on the lips and then remove with a cloth. Immediately, apply the lipstick. You will see the difference.

5. To prolong the duration of the labial in the mouth

Seal your lipstick with a little dust. Apply lipstick powder to a handkerchief (yes, there is lipstick powder or lip powder). Then, bite it with your lips and that’s it. Not only will the color last longer, but the lipstick will not go to the teeth.

6. To refresh the makeup

If in the middle of the day you need to update your makeup, just do the following: moisten your face just a little and dry it gently and delicately with a handkerchief. Immediately the makeup will recover the shine.

7. To extend the duration of tools and color palettes

We know that makeup requires a large monetary investment. Therefore, it is very unfortunate when it is damaged. If we want to extend the life of makeup, we must take certain precautions, among them, we must keep all the implements in an appropriate way. That is, save the brushes and brushes separately, and wash them eventually with a mild shampoo.

If you have a problem that does not know much about your makeup, we invite you to watch this video that gives us some guidelines to know how to do it from 40 onwards:

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