80% of deaths due to cardiac causes occur in poor countries

Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death around the world. Every year more people die from any of these diseases than from any other reason. It is estimated that in 2008, 17.3 million people died due to cardiovascular diseases, which represents 30% of deaths registered in the world. Of those deaths, approximately 7.3 million are due to coronary heart disease and 6.2 million are due to strokes.

Cardiovascular diseases affect on a greater extent countries with low and middle incomes: more than 80% of deaths, for this reason, occur in those countries and affect men and women almost equally. By 2030, almost 23.6 million people will die from a cardiovascular disease, mainly due to heart disease and cerebrovascular accidents. It is foreseen that these diseases continue being the main cause of death, according to WHO (World Health Organization).

Perspective of the College of Physicians from Anzoátegui State

We talked with Doctor Archimedes Velásquez Díaz, President of the Medical Association of  Anzoátegui State. Velásquez commented that the Medical Association of  Anzoátegui State has been recovering, he explains that since 1998 they have not held any elections because the National Electoral Council has not summoned them. For this reason, in the last 16 years, its Board of Directive has been running out and diminishing the management positions. 

This deprives the succession of positions, rising to occupy the different positions. At the Medical Association of Anzoátegui State they provide legal advice, through their legal counsel, organize different events, and insist to project the different societies that allow the advance of scientific life. The CMA groups more than 6000 affiliated doctors; “but for example in our last insurance policy we have more than 1500 doctors doing active life in all of the Anzoátegui state “, says Velásquez.

The Medical Association of Anzoátegui is very dynamic and currently is focused on keeping  medical societies, as well as promoting social benefits for its members: swimming schools and football. Every weekend, the doctors have family activities. 

Where the Medical Association should go…

According to the market and other needs, Velásquez explains: “We must continue perfecting our team in order to seek support from different medical company directives in order to rescue the status we had time ago. We must also collaborate and give opportunities to new generations of graduates that we annually have and provide support to doctors who bet on our country; understanding that others have professional projects abroad, by now we know that at least 70% of doctors want to leave our country. Let’s hope that the situation is favorable and we can count on these talent.”


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