Andrea Pineda: “You always have to bring out the good”.


Andrea Pineda: “You always have to bring out the good”

For this lady not everything has been rosy, but despite the fact that she sometimes had to scrape together pennies to buy a hamburger, today Andrea Pineda is the flamboyant owner of two ventures in Miami, Balloons by Andrea and Nuibody Spa, below, Learning To Live presents her inspiring testimony.

Andrea came to the United States in 2000 to study English and during the process decided to stay and live in the country. She says that her parents were against it, claiming that it would be too expensive, to which she decisively replied that she had everything under control.She says she got three jobs cleaning.”I worked mornings, afternoons and evenings to cover expenses, and I was paid very little,” she recalls.She says that due to the physical exhaustion, she even fainted on one of the jobs. But she happily assures that it was all worth it, since soon after she got a job as a saleswoman in Atlanta, with which she was able to buy her first car and house.

Later, together with her current husband, she bought two more cars and a second house. “When our baby was born, we decided to come to Miami because here there are many opportunities in what we want to do and that’s when I started studying interior design. 


She explains that she noticed that she was spending a lot of money to make her son’s parties look the way she wanted them to, so she decided to learn about decoration and when she saw that she was good at it, eight years ago she started her first business, Balloons by Andrea, a company that designs dream parties.

In addition, this year she opened Nuibody Spa, where she focuses on beauty, “I love that people love themselves and that is why we make make makeovers a reality. She explains that she believes that as long as a person is happy with herself, everyone around her will be happy.

Always positive

“I am not a person who posts bad things on the networks, I think those are energies that can affect me.  I focus on people who are super high, to learn from them and I am always believing in God”, she describes.

She assures that in the past 20 years she has had about 30 falls, even on one occasion when arriving late from work, during a rainy night, she saw all her furniture and belongings in the street, she had been vacated for late payment of the apartment and the only thing she thought was: “well, this way I can renew everything and buy a new one”.

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