Demystifying Sexuality

By: Dr. Santos Oscar Vega

In our western culture, sadly, we still carry today, in the XXI century, a medieval and inquisitorial reading of sexuality, where it was and continues to be understood as clearly sinful. It is urgent that this very retrograde approach is updated and we begin to see and understand sex for what it really is: one more physiological need; such as eating, sleeping, drinking water, breathing, etc. In such a way, if it does not occur to anyone not to meet these important survival factors, why then is it neglected to have daily sex (whether you have a partner or not). Without a doubt, what really is an unnatural sin is sexual abstinence.

Because it has been considered, for so many centuries, a taboo subject at a social level, a proper theoretical-practical instruction on human sexuality has been lacking. They are not taught to us by our parents, or at any school level, much less in churches. It is in response to this, that we must seek the advice of an expert in the field. We sexologists are the ones who know how, when and where to have access to the enjoyment of healthy and responsible sex, avoiding monotony and always keeping the flame of passion alive. In addition, our orientations allow our patients to self-discover both physically and spiritually. We teach them the great meaning that wraps the mind as it is, without a doubt, the most important sexual organ that we possess and that is why we urge them to learn to use it correctly and degenitalize their sexual relations progressively, and gradually appeal to foreplay and the eroticization of the largest sexual organ that we have, all the skin.

It is scientifically proven that orgasmic abundance strengthens the immune system. Then, we must use this practice to our advantage as an accessible method to face the pandemic that is hitting us in good health.

Charles Chaplin used to say that a day without laughter is a day wasted. Paraphrasing the great teacher, we can affirm that a day without sex is a day wasted, especially in the short life that is granted to all of us.

If you, my dear reader, understand and approve of these considerations, do not delay any longer incorporating into your lifestyle the practice of such transcendental activity, that also produces much pleasure.

By Dr. Oscar Vega

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