Dr Yaisy Picrin Orthomolecular Therapy

Dr. Yaisy Picrín

Life Changing Medicine: Orthomolecular Therapy – Picrin Method

“Being well internally has an external reflection, for this, prevention is the best medicine,” she says.

Dubai, Sao Paulo, Chile and Miami are cities where Yaisy Picrín, MD cares for hundreds of patients with her successful Picrín Method. Cuban by birth, she studied Medicine in Havana, but continued her improvement in surgery, Aesthetics and Nutrition in Brazil, England and Chile.

Anxiety and stress are problems that, if not controlled, can have serious repercussions on our diet and health.

Orthomolecular Therapy

Our cellular system is in constant stress, which makes our body sick. This is why “Providing the exact amount of micronutrients helps improve and prevent all kinds of diseases”, according to Dr. Picrín.

In order for her patients not only to improve their conditions, but also prevent them, the Physician carries out an extensive Diagnosis, which helps identify the nutrient deficit. Then the Physician identifies the actual problem of the affectation and how to treat it.

The first stage of this treatment is Detoxification. Through colon hydrotherapy and personalized detox diets, Dr. Picrín deeply cleanses the body. This is followed by the Metabolic Regulation, during which she deals with the metabolism, where most diseases originate. The last part is Maintenance, that is, the application of everything learned, which allows the patient more freedom.

“On the fifth day of treatment, you start feeling the changes. They recover their quality of life, vitality and digestion”, the Physician states.

Dra. Yaisy Picrin

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