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By Juan Jose Betancourt

👨‍⚕️Salud Financiera Revista Salud y Bienestar Broward, Miami, Palm Beach. (786) 788-2064 Digital Impresa. Noticias, Eventos y Actualidad!Dear readers of this prestigious magazine I want to share with you my personal experience, when I immigrated to the U.S. a few years ago and got my residence I was interested in how I could get a loan or credit to start a business, from there I began a search of how the credit system worked in the U.S. and how I could access it, over time I acquired the KNOWLEDGE I needed and not only helped me but I could benefit many people in their different financial needs, the understanding of the technicalities was not very difficult, I only learned it by searching and asking in Banks, Realtors, Mortgage, Car Dealers and above all surfing the internet. Most of the immigrants that come from Latin America find it difficult to materialize their dreams, I know how steep it is to conquer our goals, in a nation where there are many prepared and competitive people, but dear friends I want to assure you something, if you have an honest job with a salary a little more than minimum wage and with some credit card debts, it will be quite tight to have savings, and even more complicated to buy a house or invest in a business.

But not everything is negative, living in this country legally has many advantages and it is a great blessing to have a very simple, extensive and very technical CREDIT system, where the numbers and some personal financial indicators are the ones that speak for you, undoubtedly it is important to understand it and prepare yourself to obtain this approval(s) with any bank or Private lenders, I want to reiterate that the help is there, you only need to look for it and you will find it. This country has the easiest personal and business credit instruments than any other country in the world, here there are regulations and laws where everyone has the same opportunities to access these financial instruments without any discrimination (age, race, religion, country of origin, or social status). What happens is that many are unaware of this credit system and there is no culture of using CREDIT INTELLIGENTLY, when something goes wrong, we blame capitalism, without realizing that the point is in the lack of knowledge of the subject, cultural factors, bad habits and bad financial decisions, delaying the peace of mind we want.

My dear friends, I bid you farewell but not before inviting you to the next editions where I will give you tools, tips and certain advice on how to raise your Credit Score, Build Credit, Repair Credit, Credit Factors, Negotiating with Collections and Identity Theft, among others.

Juan Jose Betancourt
Credit Consulting/ Board Certified

Ebenezer Unlimited Inc.



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