Importance of Oral Health

We must keep in mind that when we talk about oral health, we not only talk about a specific part of our body but about our entire system. Through an oral exam, it is possible to diagnose and prevent other diseases.

In order to provide the best quality treatment to a patient, professionals in the field must always be learning and keeping up with the latest research. Therefore, verify that your health care provider is continuously improving their education.

Today dentists have many tools available meant to provide patients with a better aesthetic and functional smile. They also provide better harmony at the Orofacial level, such as with the application of fillings, Botulinum Toxins, and threads among others.

Did you know that the popular procedure of smile design must be done by a qualified professional? You should consider not only the aesthetic part but also the tissues around the teeth such as the gums, which are the ones that suffer the most from a bad procedure.

The bacteria found in periodontal disease are related to severe systemic diseases such as endocarditis (Regarding the Heart) and even Alzheimer’s, among others, hence the importance of keeping our mouth free of infections.

Nowadays, everyone is interested in teeth whitening, but before this type of procedure, you should learn if you qualify for it and at what frequency you should get it. This is extremely important because of the chemicals used and the heat produced by the lamps during the procedure. These things can have repercussions on your dental structure.

Libia R. Ríos

Manager in Continuing Education

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

Dentist from the Universidad Metropolitana de Barranquilla (Colombia)

Cosmetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentofacial

IADFE Fellowship

American Board of Aesthetic Medicine

President of AIOI Miami. (Academia Internacional de Odontología Integral)

President of GSTP (Global Specialized Training Programs)

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