Importance of Prevention

Dra. Albertina Figueroa

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We meet Dr. Albertina Figueroa who is the CEO of Kendal Medical Center, kicking off 2022. Some advice for the community that connects with Learning to Live Magazine, about an important topic, such as prevention.

“I think that because of the situation we find our selves in, one of the most fundamental things is prevention. Because even though we have had 2, 3 vaccines, we continue toget infected; I believe that the most important thing is that people take the pertinent measures, wear a mask in addition to vaccinations, that they keep their distance, that is what will be able to stop this wave of infections, that this virus is unparalleled. No matter how much you are vaccinated, if you don’t protect your self, you’re going toget infected, and that’s what we want to avoid ” Correct Dr., prevention is the best remedy we can have for our body, because by taking care of our selves, we take care of others.

Regarding vaccines, many people still do not want to be vaccinated, what advice do you give the se people?

“It is very difficult, it is a very personal decision, it is mandatory, you have to get vaccinated,  but at the same time it is something personal, you cannot force a person to do something they do not want to do.  But if it is recommended, it is prevention to do so.  That’s why we recommend, get the vaccine.

Let’s hope that these messages have arrived, and let’s become aware, with prevention and taking care of our selves weachieve good health for our selves and others.



Dra. Albertina Figueroa

Kendal Medical Center
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