By Dr. Mac Soré

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Dr. Mac Soré

There are times when you and I have looked back on our life and we see what we have accomplished, what we have not accomplished, our family, we see the decisions we have made, and there is something we usually think:

Either we regret something we did, and we say things like this: I shouldn’t have done it!

Or the opposite, we see something very good and say: It’s a good thing I did it!

What I want to reflect on with you, is that years from now you can look back and say good thing I made my best decision and didn’t let life wrap me up with a label.

If you look at the Coca Cola or Pepsi, can you tell them apart?

I don’t know if it happened to you, but when I was a teenager, we had to label everything, our notebooks, rulers, compasses, our clothes, I remember improvising a label with tape, marking my pencils, pens, backpack, everything!!!! And this eagerness to label everything transcended from things to people.

Honor Role

Honor the effort

Class President


Questioning Pepito.

Who has the right to label something?

– Manufacturer

When someone makes something, they usually put a label on it, if we look at our clothes, for sure it has a label on it, and that’s fine, it’s normal, it should even be.

– Owner

The owner of something has the right, how would it look if I came to your house and started labeling everything? Mom, dog, stove. Even if it’s true what I do, I don’t have the right to do it, because I’m not the owner. Owners are the ones who tag things, not visitors.

Who has the right to label you?

Labels are a very powerful thing, in fact, the wrong labels, they block you, inside you, and they block you outside, your opportunities, because labels define how you see yourself and how you see things around you.

Who really has that right? Let me tell you who has the right: Who made you, who owns you, who paid for you.

And here I want to tell you what those of us who are followers of Jesus believe, if you are a follower of Jesus, here’s something we need to keep in mind, we primarily believe that Jesus came into this world, and died for our sins and I’m sure you’ve heard this before, literally the Bible says that he paid for us.

1 Corinthians 6:20 When God saved you, he actually bought you, and the price he paid for you was very high.

When you pay for something, you get something, and here is something incredible, every one of you, adults, young people, teenagers, who have put your faith in Jesus, God has paid for you, and that means that if He paid for you and me, then that makes total sense of these three statements, If God made you and if He paid for you, He is the one who has the RIGHT to label you.

And in practice this means that you must reject all the labels that have been placed on you or that you have placed on yourself, and accept the labels of the one who does have the right to label you, your Heavenly Father!

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