More than 2000 Years of Tradition

More than 2000 Years of Tradition

Genesis 1:29
Since ancient times we have tangible evidence that our health is directed by our nutrition habits. We cannot ignore the  act that The Creator left us advice and guides to be able to fully enjoy the resources of our planet.

Despite the distortion of many teachings regarding nutrition, this continues to be the most appropriate for all times and ages.

Our health for generations has undergone a very strong evolution due to the level of industrialization of the most powerful countries; and the poorest class, has not been able to achieve better nutrition due to market value. The Creator of the heavens and the earth or whatever you want to call him, in Genesis exhorts us to a completely different lifestyle from the one many pursue. Today it is a privilege to be able to follow the advice of one who knows what we are made of. It is interesting to reflect that we are 75% water, and we are composed of minerals such as: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chlorine, sulfur, magnesium, manganese, iron,

iodine, fluoride, zinc, cobalt, selenium and many more. How wonderful that everything is related to the earth, from which we were made and where one day we will return, but with hope and faith to see how we have been created. I pray that you can have the economy of having a quality diet.


More than 2,000 years of history and teaching on how we should nourish ourselves to avoid further damage, or at least, extend our health and reduce the collapse of our body. I ask the creator to give us the ability to understand and visualize our mistakes that lead us to misfortune. Let's reconcile ourselves with our essence, I know that the thirst for greatness and power of the human being has made us toforget our origins, but there is still hope to take authority from our body and nourish it correctly. That prices have gone up? True, but if we become aware of the value of our lives, I know that you and I will make the right decision.

We have a selection of seeds, grains, oils, and healthy animals that can give us a better quality of life in all our body systems such as respiratory, cardiovascular, bone, and others. Thanks to our Creator we have a varied and balanced diet preventing any illness, although other very important factors include the soul and our spirit that also affect our health, but we could address this on another occasion. Remember we have resources that give you a better quality of life and He gave it to us from the beginning, it is up to you and me to apply it in our lives and leave it as an inheritance in our children.

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