“My dream is that all Hispanics have a plan for their future”

Por Martin Tuirán

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Martin Tuirán

“My dream is that all Hispanics have a plan for their future”

If you are reading this, you have probably heard that in Americait’s important to have a plan for your future, and many times, you have considered investing in protection against unexpected events but you end up postponing it. It can be hard to understand that being protected is the most significant act of love for your loved ones.

Today, I want to tell you my story: Ilost my father when I was just a child, this caused that my mother, the rest of my siblings and myselfhad to live difficult financial times. This was not only due to the death of my father, but also to the ignorance of those in charge of the home; they did not understand at the time the meaning of planning and protection.

I grew up in the midst of that environmentand decided to migrateto this beautiful country, and like many others, I had to take different jobs until I found the opportunity to work in the Insurance industry.It was in this moment when I found my purpose: to serve the community and tell them thatit is possible to have hope, that you can get through in life with a financial planning, dedication and above all, protection against unexpected events.

Later in my life I became the VicePresident of Enterate Insurance, an agency where we focus in teaching you that a family can be healthy and well when responsibility is taken on time.I have known many stories like mine, in which children, young people, and even grandparents, have seen their dreams stopped by an accident, an illness or an event that negatively affected their lives and even led them to bankruptcy.

As a parent and leader of a team, I don’t want that anyone lives what I had to go through in my childhood, nor do I want to see more families in difficult situations, without protection or support. I am committed to my mission and I faithfully believe that God has put me on the right path to bringthis message to thousands of people.

In Enterate, we are over 400 advisors across America, and we connect with situations like yours and your family’s, in order to promote a culture of planning in which our policyholders have an accessible medical coverage, and plans that allow them to protect their legacy. Today there are low-cost with high-benefit opportunities that provide life and health protection to millions of people.

This next November 1 begins a new opportunity to protect and plan your well-being: the Open Enrollment for Health Insurance begins,and in that time, people like you or me can acquire or modify our medical coverage. I will be waiting for you on my social media accountsso that together, we can choose the plan that best suits your needs.


Think of your family and their well-being. We care about you!

Martin Tuirán



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