My Mental Health Memories and my love during Travel

My blessing

For the last couple years during the challenge of COVID situation, I recognized that I was not happy but bless in many ways that I didn’tsee for many years. Regardless of our career or lifestyle, we are very bless in our country to choose what we want and how can I grow those goals.

Last year one of my very close friends (a Brother) that was suffering PTSD from his Military career took his life away, I didn’t expect that to happen since I know him very well during our career as a Soldier.My daily life situations or choices can’t be change after the day is over, but I can choose my path every morning and be grateful for the freedom as a human been. During the pandemic restriction to enjoy our freedom, clearly help me to remember what I want and love, so I decided to share my memories around my life and travel.

Thirty-four years ago, I thought I was in love with my soulmate, “an amazing woman”, partner and friend. She was on a situation that required my help and become her photographer since she was a model, my photographic creation for her career provided a successful result for her competition but then she walk away and help me to recognized what Iife is about and also my passion of my life to share my passion of photography.I wasvery bless working with many amazing woman’s and men’s that choose to represent our country.

Many beautiful and few challenges days during my career, clearly enhance my capacity as human to recognized how beautiful our life can be and how can I contribute to our society by sharing my memories oftravel. During travel I was embracing multiple cultures.Clearly, I was very blessed to enjoy many days and learn about my life freedom. The picture below is a peaceful morning day full of a creation that every move of the gondolas provides the lovely view of San Giorgio Maggiore.

My last travel around Italy and France provided me the blessing to see many beautiful places and meeting so many lovely friends, also took a moment to appreciate our world nature and wishing that I could time travel and meet one of my favorite’s artist Van Gogh. An artist that chooses to share the love of his painting creation, regardless of his difficulties or his mental health problems. We are very bless to see his products that continue influence our world about love, trust and travel.

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