Night Anxiety: Golden milk to fight it and warm the soul

By: Carolina Morales – Explorer of the Soul

Has it ever happened to you that when you go to sleep, you toss and turn in bed or look at your phone, and as time goes by, you start getting anxious because you have nighttime anxiety and you know that at any moment your alarm will ring and you must get up?

Night Anxiety

It happened to me too for a long time and prevented me from falling asleep, until I learned about the golden milk, an antidote that heals the body and warms the soul. It was a perfect solution to my nighttime anxiety, and I’m sure you’ll love the way I prepare it. This milk has its origin in India, and is currently considered to be an ancient medicine, as it has a super-powerful antioxidant effect due to turmeric, its main ingredient. Which at the same time is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and digestive, what more could you ask for!

The Golden milk is very healthy and easy to prepare, you only need a glass of coconut or almond milk, a spoonful of raw honey, a bit of cinnamon, chamomile, which is responsible for calming the crazy one of the house, which is the mind, and the main ingredient: a teaspoon of powdered turmeric. When you have all the ingredients in a pot, you heat them up and that’s it!

Be careful not to let the milk boil, you must heat it until all the ingredients are mixed and this wonderful drink is ready.

Have a cup an hour before you go to sleep and you will see that your sleep will be very refreshing. But remember to disconnect your cell phone, turn off the TV and, most importantly, tell your mind that it’s time to rest.

And look, maybe your grandmother was right when she said that having a glass of warm milk before going to bed helped you to sleep, and today I tell you that if you prepare it as I indicate here, not only will you be able to rest better, but you will also notice vitality in your body.

To see in detail how I prepare my golden milk to sleep and warm the soul visit my social networks: Exploradora del alma.


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