Oral Hygiene in Times of Covid-19

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Dr. Natalie Guerra Oral Hygiene in Times of Covid-19

 Higiene Bucal en Tiempos de CovidHow has your experience been in the city of Miami?

My dental clinic opened a year ago; it has not been easy; however, the experience has allowed me personal and professional growth, increased patients and friends.

What services do you offer at your Dental Clinic?

“I am a General Dentist; I work with Restorations, Cleanings, Veneers, Crowns, also Orthodontic, Invisalign, Whitening,Therapy for Bruxism and Root Canals”.

Let’s talk about Covid-19, and what is the importance of the mask in oral health?

“The most important thing is the health of our patients and of work team. We wear our face mask, eyeglass, hat, and we cover the clothing well. When the patient arrives at our office, we take the appropriate preventive measures.

We currently work by appointment, as long as the patient has not traveled, nor has a high temperature. We work with saliva and aerosols, and we have not gotten sick, so I always tell my patients, if it works for us here, imagine yourself on the street. We must take care of ourselves and take care of others, wear our masks, for other people’s sake”.

Tell us about mouthwash; how many times a day should we use it?

“Mouthwash can be used 2 times a day; it will eliminate bacteria in our mouths while maintaining oral hygiene”.

Finally, what recommendation would you give to our readers?

“We must undergo a routine check-up every 6 months and perform a dental cleaning to maintain oral health and hygiene. Healthy mouth, healthy body”.

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Dr. Natalie Guerra

General Dentist

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