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Nathaly Gerbino –  Summer skin care

The summer days have arrived and with them our exposure to the sun increases, the days are longer, the temperatures begin to rise, and the sun’s rays are more intense, so it is time to start paying attention to our skin.

In the summer, our skin is continually exposed to the sun’s rays, and therefore, precautions at this time of year should be a little more extreme.

So, I want to share with you these tips that I apply with my patients:

  1. Daily Sun Protection

Apply sunscreen every 3 hours, this is the secret, prevent your skin from staining, many times we put on makeup and forget re-touch the protector, the good news is that today there are makeup bases with protection factor and this way it is easier to be beautiful, but at the same time protected. When choosing this sunscreen, always try to ensure that it has a protection factor greater than 30.

  1. Moisturize Your Skin

Another super important factor is keeping our skin hydrated, for this you need to use a moisturizer both day and night, in the Summer it is very typical for the skin to dry out due to heat and air conditioning. In addition to this moisturizer, I recommend that you carry an atomizing spray with water or a hydrating toner and refresh your skin several times a day.

  1. Take Care Of The Stains 

If you suffer from spots on the skin, during this time, they tend to darken a bit, so do not disregard it, use a mild depigmenting cream at night such as one containing vitamin C and retinoic acid. You can also take care of yourself with visiting a professional, such as platelet-rich plasma-based treatments that not only hydrate your skin, but improve the appearance of the spots, this can be combined with Nd: YAG laser depending on the severity of the case.

  1. Eat Correctly

And finally, remember that we are what we eat or what we manage to digest and as Hippocrates said, food is our medicine, so stay hydrated, drink plenty of water and refreshing teas, and increase the consumption of foods rich in water such as the pin, melon, pineapple, cucumber, chayote, zucchini, etc. Include more green in your dishes, these are rich in antioxidants, and with them you can combat the free radicals effects on your skin.

With these tips I am sure that your skin will look amazing all summer!

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