What Is Functional Medicine?

What Is Functional Medicine?

Medicina Funcional
This practice recognizes each individual as unique and therefore refutes the theory of offering standard solutions to address health problems. Instead, it aims to get to know the root cause of the condition and focuses on restoring balance in the body. Its goal is not only to treat symptoms, but also to improve general well-being and longevity.
Functional medicine is especially suitable and effective for those suffering from hormonal imbalances, neurological conditions, and other chronic diseases. The main element that distinguishes functional medicine from conventional medicine is that functional medicine goes beyond symptomatic cure, which is one of the important factors that contribute to its long-term effectiveness and benefit. Since this approach offers a more sustained impact and only uses medication as a last resort, it has increasingly become the preferred option around the world.


Although functional medicine is gaining popularity, it is surrounded by many myths. These are some basic premises that will allow you to understand it better:

Functional medicine is an evolving science. It is very different from the medicine of yesteryear, which was based on family cures and remedies. In fact, it is a step forward in the scientific aspect since it tries to establish relationships between conditions, genetics, and body predispositions, to find the causes and treat them permanently.

The foundation of functional medicine and its application lies in the recognition that each individual is unique, and treatment revolves more around the individual than the disease itself. The essence of this practice lies in helping the body strengthen its healing mechanisms instead of fighting problems.

Functional medicine believes that the body has restorative powers that can help prevent and treat most ailments and also regulate the body’s systems and their balance.

Its application does not invest in the discovery and formulation of powerful drugs, but rather focuses on research on the existence of diseases and on knowing the lifestyle, genealogy and habits of the individual, which can be potential triggers for imbalances in body function and health conditions.

Unlike well-known medical practices that aim to eliminate prevalent diseases in the body, functional medicine focuses on energizing the body and enabling it to function with more energy and vitality.

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