What you should know before buying eyeglasses!

Interview a la Dra. Luz Marina Camacho

What would be the consequences for a person who resorts to purchasing eyeglasses without the prescription or approval of an ophthalmologist?

It is a very common practice in people when they approach the age of 41, they start with accommodation problems, which is called presbyopia because they cannot see up close and need a correction. These lenses that pharmacies have, most of them are not of optical quality, they have a standard inter pupillary distance that is not adequate for all people and can cause many problems. The first is a prismatic effect, the person wouldn’t realize and would be having to do a great effort to see properly, generating headaches and symptom of asthenopia that with a prescription lens would not give, since the distance between each pupil is measured, customized for you. When you don’t have the measurement, you should have, your brain doesn’t work the same because it is trying to compensate for that problem you have. Also, not everyone has the same prescription between one eye and the other, which can cause unwanted symptoms. Now Astigmatism is a refractive condition. The prescription you need is not the same in all meridians. To give you a better understanding, the comparison is made whether the shape of the lens you need is a spherical shape like a basketball or an elliptical shape like a soccer. When we detect astigmatism, a cylindrical corrective lens is given.

Specialist recommendations:

It is extremely important to have an annual eye exam because not only will you get the right glasses, eyeglasses or contacts for your size, but you will also have your visual health checked. There are diseases that have no symptoms, such as glaucoma. You may be damaging your optic nerve and if it is not detected in time, it can cause blindness. There are other important things, when we check the retina, we can see signs that there is stress on the cardiovascular system, increased tortuosity in the blood vessels of the retina suggests that your blood pressure may be high, or sugar may be causing problems in the retina. We refer the patient to your specialist, so they can diagnose and treat these diseases and glaucoma, of course. A visual field and an ocular tomography should be performed to diagnose or rule out the disease, avoiding a bigger problem. Everything can be cured in time.

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