Career in Support of War Veterans

“More than 52,000 servicemen and women physically injured in recent military conflicts. 500,000 living with invisible wounds, from depression to post-traumatic stress disorder. 320,000 experiencing debilitating brain trauma.”

The Mission: Raise awareness and funds to help our Veterans.

The Means: Run the Keys100 50mile Relay Race.

The Team: Running Patriots: Magda & Chase (Air Force Family) and Angel (Army Veteran).

To support US Veterans, our team, The Running Patriots, decided to start a fundraising campaign raising funds for the Wounded Warrior Project. Our veterans’ mission is to protect our nation so we can sleep feeling safe, knowing they’re standing guard to protect us. When they come home, it’s our turn to fulfill the mission and help them reintegrate into their family and community.  Sometimes these heroes need a little extra help in dealing with their visible and invisible wounds.

The Running Patriots’ mission is to run with a purpose and help those who can’t run, to Run once again. Thanks to Learning To Live we were able to accomplish our mission of running the Keys100, 50mile relay race, as part of our mission to raise funds and awareness for our veterans. Our pledge to honor our Veterans during this race was to proudly carry the USA Flag throughout the entire course. This helped us find a deeper purpose to overcome the obstacles that an endurance race in South Florida can throw at you.

Running with the purpose to help others will help a runner achieve his/her goals and find meaning in every stride. Our team struggled with extreme heat, rain, and exhaustion, but true teamwork prevailed. After 10 hours and 18 minutes, we crossed the finished line, meeting our goal and fulfilling our mission.

To all our sponsors and our amazing crew, “Thank you.” This mission proved to be tougher than expected but our commitment to honor our Veterans was stronger.

The fundraising page is still open as we have found great supporters along this journey. Visit our IG @RunningPatriotsTeam to donate and follow us as we use our active lifestyles to motivate others to run with a purpose and change lives.

Stay tune. Next Stop: Marine Corps Marathon 2021 here we go!!

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