Marital stress

Marital stress is defined as the subjective perception of discomfort in one or both members of the couple, when there is dysfunctionality in the relationship. It is associated with low rates of marital satisfaction. It doubles the risk of becoming diabetic, increases the possibility of falling into depressive states by 20%, and triples the chances of acquiring heart diseases. Many couples suffer from this peculiar type of stress due to a lack of marriage education. No one, neither at home, nor at any school level, and many times, nor in the church, properly prepared you to have a harmonious and lasting relationship with the spouse.

In Hispanic culture, the bride and groom incur countless expenses for the wedding; an activity that only lasts a few hours. The idea of ​​hiring the services of an expert psychotherapist in relationship with couples, who trains them to achieve a lasting marital life, does not pass through their minds. This brings as a consequence that, according to serious statistical data, more than 50% of marriages end up divorcing and in the particular case of Miami-Dade County the figure is higher than 60%.

Dear “Learning to Live Magazine” reader, if you know someone who is soon to be married, the best gift you can give them is to suggest they hire us or another specialist on this transcendental issue of social importance. We say “social” because when a couple’s relationship collapses, not only do they suffer on a personal level, but also relatives (especially children if any) and society in general suffer. The family is the cornerstone on which the entire building of our society rests. So, when it fractures, the consequences take on a macro dimension.

When apparently there are no solutions and lawyers are eager to collect their fees to dissolve the established legal bond, those of us who want the best for everyone, are in the best position to provide very useful tools conducive to consolidating the family union for life.

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