Covid-19 and its variants What does the future hold?

Dr. Luis Felipe Felipe

Omicron has been prevalent and the good thing is that it is not fatal. It does not attack the lung, what this strain is doing is immunizing people, it is creating immunity, herd immunity is growing because we have some tests, which we measure, the vaccine immunity and the immunity caused by the virus, we can measure and differentiate one from the other. And I am seeing that people are developing immunity from the beginning of the pandemic to here. Notice that I am saying this and commenting on television and other media, I receive information from Israel, the government of Israel thinks the same as I do, they want to leave the Omicron free because it is causing herd immunity in people, it is being like a massive vaccine the presence of the virus. Why? Because people get it, they don’t die but they get stronger. That is good news.

The other thing is that the different strains of the virus compete with each other, so when the Omicron arrives, it displaces the Delta, if you put these viruses in a laboratory dish where they do the microbiology tests, you will see that the strains compete with each other, and since one is more predominant, it displaces the more deadly strains and that is good.

Now, the question is, why do these viruses mutate so much? And the reason is, that this virus as it was created in a laboratory, a virus when it passes from one human being to another replicates, makes copies, but as it is a laboratory virus, it makes copies that are poorly made, defective, and these copies are different or the parents do not replicate as the previous generation. Scientists since the beginning of the pandemic have forgotten that God is giving herd immunity to the whole world, although scientists said at the beginning that this was not going to happen, but it is happening, every time we see that people are getting stronger. Who do I care about? or worry about? For people who have never been vaccinated or have never had the virus. And even though this strain is not deadly, they have background conditions and they are fighting and I want to extend a prayer of faith of hope, you are not alone, have faith, no matter what denomination you have, of different religions that in what sect you have been or in witchcraft, you can say wherever you are, Lord do not allow that in the name of Christ, that this virus takes my heart and that it takes my life, put and cover its temple with the blood of Christ and I want to tell you, one of the greatest strengths is the strength of the soul, confess it with your mouth, you, have you thought about where you are going to be after this disease, where you are going to be after this disease? Have you thought about where you are going to be a thousand years from today? I know where I am going to be, that is important, many people can do a lot to help others but if there is no love, there is nothing. Love can and does overcome everything, cover yourself with your own words, ask for it wherever you are in a hospital, wherever you are, it will bring you wellness, more than any medicine and the rest comes in addition. Go to the formal doctor, pray but pray formal. We cannot panic, I never stopped working, I never stopped taking care of patients, someone had to take care of them and the virus never knocked on my door. And I tell you the reason, it is because I followed the instructions to the letter, I put on the mask and the Face Shield and I thought I was going to get infected, and I realized that the mask does protect and that the Face Shield protects and a man arrived infected with the virus and everybody ran out and I said, in the name of God this is my patient, this is my work and if I have to shake his hand I will do it and I did it. Then, I followed the vaccination schedule and I used them as the statute mandates and that is the strength that God has given me to be able to help others.

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