Regenerative Medicine And Ozone Therapy

By: Dra. Carmen Helena Acevedo

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Regenerative Medicine And Ozone Therapy

The desire to age slower and with better QUALITY OF LIFE is in the feelings of millions of people, especially in this 21st Century. Hence, doctors and scientists have come together in the search for strategies that delay premature aging, not only physical but also the appearance of diseases associated with old age and its complications.

But, is there really a drug or therapy that is tissue regenerator? The answer is YES and there are many. Bio-Regulatory Medicine has changed the paradigms on premature aging and tissue regeneration by pointing out that the body has its internal mechanisms to self-regulate, heal and regenerate.


Ozone Therapy is an adjunctive medical treatment in many diseases that has demonstrated its effectiveness in activating biological systems that generate health. Ozone, a highly oxidative gas with three oxygen atoms (O3), is used as a pro-drug and stressor for your body. When in contact with tissues, O3 mainly oxidizes lipid molecules and second molecular messengers are generated which we call “ozonides”. It is these messengers that indirectly activate the antioxidant, and circulatory systems and also modulate the Immune System. Ozone Therapy has systemic anti-inflammatory effects, increases oxygenation of tissues, reduces the amount of free radicals that damage organs and cells. In addition, activating substances are produced that generate an optimal cellular microenvironment for the REGENERATION of tissues.

Ozone Therapy is performed in cycles that comprise sessions, depending on the objective that the Ozonetherapist requires and is placed by different systemic routes such as major autohemotherapy, autovaccine, rectal insufflation and, more recently, the Ozonized Saline Solution. Ozone can also be applied locally in muscles, joints, skin and soft tissues.

Ozone Therapy is a safe treatment, it has few contraindications and it is easy to administer, which is why it is widely used in children and the elderly. It has very few adverse effects that are generally associated with poor technique or inadequate Ozone doses.

At OzoneTherapyUSA we have designed Ozone Therapy protocols in combination with orthomolecular medicine to promote health. We are specialists in Ozone Therapy for more than 12 years internationally and leaders in South Florida, where we have treated in our first year more than 500 patients with our 5 Protocols and 6 Boosters. If you require more information about this innovative health proposal, you can visit us at

Por Dra. Carmen Helena Acevedo

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