From the hands of professionals

Starting a Healthy life

By: María Gabriela Gómez S.

Gradual Activity

For those people who barely participate in physical activity in their daily lives, the main recommendation is to do it progressively, which allows your body to adequate with constant exercise and avoid injuries. “At the very beginning we cannot have one whole hour of cardio; instead we improve gradually our cardiopulmonary condition and endurance, therefore the muscle is developing and training as it should be and then you will see the results”, says Salazar.

We recommend that you attend the gym every day or exercise at least a half hour a day. Nutrition, when trying to reach a healthy life, is crucial because 70% is about good nourishment and just 30% is about exercise. “There are people that eat everything in front of them and they also do a lot of exercise and yet still feel stuck because they don’t care about a balanced nutrition. Here we help people be healthy because it is necessary to differentiate that from who is only training to compete, they need in fact another kind of nutrition.


Body Tone Gym has Yoga Classes, Pilates, for all those people who can’t lifts weights or make TRX, Spinning room, weight room, and Insanity classes. The gym has a team of trainers to help people by giving general recommendations or have personalized attention.



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