Teacher and student stress

By Dr. S. Oscar Vega Gómez


     It is the stress suffered by auxiliary personnel, leaders, teachers, and professors of the different types of schools. In the case of teachers, they have to suffer:


  • General stress of society
  • Job stress experienced by all workers
  • Being subjected to an almost endless subordination to the typical hierarchical structure of the teaching profession
  • Large bureaucracy
  • An exaggerated number of meetings they must participate in.

In addition, teachers and professors can also experience student stress, since this career requires constant professional improvement, so they very frequently become students.

This difficult, ungrateful, and misunderstood branch of pedagogues, so important in and for society, is generally not properly paid, which creates the conditions for stress levels to increase more than the rest of the working population. There are many daily stressors that the teachers have to face inside and outside the classroom. They work in front of a group, usually a large one of students who criticize with the most dissimilar personalities. This implies that at the end of each class shift, they suffer physical and mental exhaustion.


  It’s what a person studying at any academic level can experience; it can happen even from the moment you enter the educational center. This phase is known as “Anxious Expectation”. The expectation is defined as: the wait, generally curious or tense, of an event that interests or matters. It occurs because students are faced with an unknown world and ignore its rules. Also, they must deal with the tasks assigned to them and with the discipline of the school (which generally differs from the discipline and demands of their homes and / or previous school levels).

The fear of failing a subject and therefore losing a school year, or even the career itself generates a peculiar type of student stress, this is: Evaluation Stress.


    This is particularly the case when exam period approaches. It intensifies when there has been no systematic preparation.


  • Teacher absence
  • Student’s illness or accident
  • Studying abroad
  • Expulsion from school
  • Large number of evaluation activities
  • Uncertainty about the economic resources to be able to pay for not only the entire degree but even each school term
  • Lack of sexual definition

Noting my vast experience as both a university professor and a psychotherapist, you can request my professional services to help you resolve these peculiar types of stress.



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