The 2020 End-of-School Year Vacation is the Virtual Summer of Growth

Las Vacaciones de Fin de Curso de 2020There are 365 days per year. In the United States, students attend on average, 180 school days per year. Approximately 125 days are comprised of either weekends or holidays. That leaves a remaining 60 days (in most countries) for summer breaks. While summer break is a blessing for many, the 2020 summer can be very challenging for parents. The summer of 2020 will be a very unique one. We’ve been challenged to alter how we do things, shop, work, learn, and socialize.
Despite the impact of the COVID-19, BIZNOVATOR still believes, that summer is a time that represents substantial opportunity for growth and development.l

Below are some tips for parents on worthwhile pursuits for their children during the summer of 2020:

1 Read a book (or two) throughout the summer.

Research has shown that reading levels drop when students are out of school for the summer. Not reading regularly can negatively impact the development of information processing, comprehension and vocabulary. Once parents and students understand the value of empowering oneself through knowledge capital, it becomes easier to have reading become a part of your daily routine.

2 Get inspired, ride a bike together, but wear protective masks to avoid contracting any viruses.

There has been an increase in bike sales over the last several years. Riding bikes has become a significant activity for individuals and families alike. Besides the fitness value, cycling is an excellent stress reliever.

3 Be of service to someone else (virtually) that’s in need of your time and brilliance.

There are many people who are in need of someone to talk to. As a young person you can offer them your time and attention, and in many cases, they can provide you support and guidance through sharing their own life experiences. All of this can be done on-line or by phone.

4 Build your skills—all of us have room for improvement and growth.

Avoid summer learning loss, summer set back, or the summer slide. According to College of Education Professors Quinn and Polikoff at the University of Southern California, they noted several findings regarding summer loss. The authors concluded that: (1) on average, students’ achievement scores declined over summer vacation by one month’s worth of school-year learning, (2) declines were sharper for math than for reading, and (3) the extent of the loss was larger at higher grade levels.

If you want to combine fun, learning, and growth this summer, research the virtual summer camps exist. For more information on virtual camps visit

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