What do we need to know so our children eat well in the summer?

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When the holiday season arrives, certain changes occur in the habits and nutrition of our little ones. Routines change and schedules become more flexible, this is where we must not forget to maintain good eating habits.

Here are some tips so the little ones in the house are well fed during the summer holidays:

1.-  More fruits and vegetables in the diet

Mas frutas y vegetales en la alimentación

on hot days we all need less hearty meals. Fruits and vegetables will be a great option, they are two groups of foods that children do not like very much, but one way to introduce it to them is to do it in a fun way, it can be fruit skewers or cold soups and in this way they will be more appealing for them.

2.-  Don’t miss the schedules!

¡¡No pierdas los horarios!!

It is very common when we go on vacation our schedules are out of control, try to maintain a fixed schedule for meals every day, our little ones must get their three main meals and two snacks. We must take care of them not having unplanned snacks between meals to avoid skipping a main meal due to lack of appetite.

3.-  Let’s increase physical exercise and avoid sedentary lifestyle

Aumentemos el ejercicio físico y evitemos el sedentarismo.

It is an ideal time to play sports with our children. Why not do your favorite exercise with them? A good option is swimming, they will love it. It is important that we promote the habit of physical activity in them and thus they will not be so passive in front of the TV or a computer.


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4.-  We must hydrate

Hay que hidratarse Familia deportiva en un parque de verano

our little ones must be very well hydrated to avoid heat stroke, the best way is by consuming water, let’s avoid giving them sugary juices, soft drinks or another drink that provides more sugar than anything else.

5.- Our children’s diet must be balanced,

la alimentación de nuestros niños debe estar balanceada y equilibrada

In addition to the 4 tips above, our children’s diet must be balanced, each main meal must be composed of the three macronutrients such as: proteins (eggs, chicken, red meat, fish, legumes) carbohydrates (rice, wholemeal bread, potato, sweet potato, squash, quinoa, among others) and healthy fats (avocado, butter, olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil)

Sometimes it is normal for children’s eating habits to be altered in summer, but being aware of the importance of good nutrition for them, we can maintain the necessary balance.

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