What is ADHD?

ADHD is a problem with skills called executive functions. Executive functions include the ability to focus although kids who have difficulties focusing most of the time are able to focus well on things that they find interesting. For example, they may focus for hours while playing video games but have difficulties focusing on doing their homework. Other important executive functions are organization and managing emotions. Boys are more likely than girls to be hyperactive.  Boys tend to play too roughly, shout and run around even when playing indoors and be constantly “on the go”. Many kids with ADHD have problems making friends and fitting in.

Many have difficulties managing their emotions and interpreting a social situation the right way. Kids with ADHD often receive negative feedback from teachers and other caregivers which takes a tool on their self-esteem. Hyperactivity is common in boys with ADHD but not all boys with Attention deficit are hyperactive. Girls are less likely to be hyperactive and tend to have less problems with self-control than boys, instead, they may seem distracted or daydreamy.  They can interrupt conversations and be very talkative during class. They often struggle with low self-esteem and feeling of shame. They are also more likely than boys to blame themselves for problems caused by ADHD.

To have ADHD the symptoms must meet certain guidelines: Existing for at least 6 months, appearing before 7 years old, having a significant impact in the person’s life in more than one setting, not being attributable to a different condition (such as bipolar disorder)

The most effective way to treat ADHD is by using a multimodal approach that combines biological, psychological and social strategies. 

At Behavioral Therapy Institute we focus on helping people with ADHD and other diagnosis. It is very important to help them Develop social skills to better function in the world, making the individual’s home, school and work life as healthy and productive as possible.

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