Young Educators And Ambassador For Health

The health crisis that our society is undergoing, starting early on with our children and teenagers, could be prevented, minimized or reversed to a large extend through proper nutritional habits.

It is critical to equip our youth with the necessary tools to be self-empowered and start adopting healthy nutritional habits o and taking root early on, it is necessary to increase knowledge and practical tools to develop their healthy eating habits.

Yeah2learn is a non-profit organization created to reach our youth leaders to provide powerful health and nutrition tools including cooking classes, in a way they can relate to and leading through example, but also by educating and serving others in their community, and transforming lives showing them how to do it.

We will train each student in only 6 weeks teaching nutritional health and basic cooking classes so they can get their ‘’health ambassador certificate’’ and start teaching others while earning the community hours required by schools toward their high school requirement while learning and experience the magic with love, leadership and creativity.

Margaret Sbarra

President YEAH2learn


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